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Our Content Creation Journey

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Content creation is a word that means so many different things and quite heavily used in the digital media industry. For us content creation is creating unique, exciting and engaging visual work. This is something that we enjoy doing and pride our business on.


Our Journey

The journey of content creation first started for us in at the beginning of 2021. Although, our lead content creator and co-owner Robbie had many years of experience in photography and videography, this was the start of the content creation journey for 537 Media.


537 Media labels themselves as a “Townsville Based Digital Marketing Company”  but to us this is just this tip of the iceberg as far as our services go. Creating exciting content is the backbone to our business, as our marketing and other services all branch out from our content creation.


Content Creation in Marketing

To create an advertisement that you will benefit from, exciting content is essential. Creative videos and photos need to keep the consumer engage so that they will purchase or request your services and products. We create branded content so that your social media advertising can convert. It is important to keep up with the times and use the most advanced equipment to get the best footage and end products. Right now we are currently mastering FPV drones so that will can bring a unique service to Townsville that is not offered yet. This is one of the most exciting things about being in the media production industry, learning how to use the newest equipment. It’s always challenging trying to learn a new skill, but once mastered it’s a huge accomplishment and allows us to extend our marketing services Click here for more information on our marketing.


Wedding Videography

It might seem strange that a digital marketing company also specialises in wedding films, but for us there is nothing better than hearing feedback from a client who has just watched their wedding video for the first time. Being able to use our videography skills to create a video that makes someone’s special day last a lifetime is honestly a gift. This is why we so thoroughly enjoy filming wedding videos, as it allows us to capture such a special moment for someone and make it last. Being Townsville owned and operated this allows us to give back to our amazing community in a way. We also incorporate our promotional products and marketing side of the business to create  a special gift that allows our wedding clients to cherish their videos for longer. Each client receives and engraved USB with their video, as well as a digital playback book that can be opened and played at any time. We know that little things like this go a long way when providing this special service. Check out our wedding videography services here.



Our design service is another broad service which houses so many different categories. Within our design we have:

  • Graphic Designs (Digital and hand drawn designs)

  • Promotional Products design and production (For marketing)

  • Website Design

  • Fashion Design

We enjoy design unique promotional products for our clients to use to market their business. This is anything from stubby coolers, pens, shirts, socks, custom signage and etc. If there’s a promotional product you want 537 Media can make it happen!


This far into our journey of content creation we have been able to create some special moments and enjoyed doing some awesome work to help other local Townsville businesses grow. Not only business clients, but it been great to be apart of peoples special days and produce wedding videos that reflect them and their day.


We look forward to working further with our Townsville community to create and market more unique content, but also to produce more film weddings and capture memories.

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