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Why Townsville Small Business Owners are Turning to social media to phenomenally grow their business and how you can do the same.

How Townsville Small Business Owners are Generating $100 000’s through Social Media Ads

With the ever-growing social media usage some North Queensland business owners are FINALLLY taking advantage of the benefits of the advertising.


Advertising on social media is like no other form of advertising.

Radio and TV ads are not as effective as what they used to be. They can’t target people based on location. They can’t target age and interests like social media can. They certainly CAN NOT reach 1000’s of people for less than $5…


We’ve Gathered Our Top 4 Tips to ensure your social media advertising destroys your competition.​

1. Keep it simple, Keep it interesting 


Everyone knows or has heard someone talk about how the human attention is reducing every single year.


And with short form content such as Tik Tok dominating the market, it’s critically important that you content is enganging.


There is so much content out there which doesn’t stand out or get people interested in the slightest


Your content needs a nice juicy hook to get people to read it or keep watching.


Something to really slice through the storm of boring content that the internet is.


Something that will make someone curious. Get them wondering why and want to see what happens next.


But your work isn’t done yet. You’ve got to keep them there and make them more curious.


Most commonly this can be done by providing value or results.


Don’t overcomplicate it and keep it simple so that everyone can understand.


And if you’re feeling capable throw a little spice into it, make it funny and amusing.


2. Don’t Make It Look Like and AD!


If someone that you’ve never met or heard of before asked you to marry them what would you do? 


What if they didn’t ask you and they told you to “Mary me today! This is your last chance as this offer is only available until midnight tonight”


Sound familiar at all? This is the kind of ads some businesses are putting out and sure you will get the occasional very desperate person for the product or service, but majority of people this will absolutely not appeal to.


People need to know why they should use your services, need to know your business and what makes you different. Ultimately they need to TRUST you.


Social media is a native advertising service. Meaning ads that look and feel native will not only be cheaper to run but get you more results. now. 



3. Keep Up with Trends


This is incredibly important on platforms like Tik Tok. By keeping up with current trends especially music, the algorithm will show your content to more people organically. Trending music works as an engaging hook in a way to get people’s attention straight away and make them watch.



4. Thoroughly Know Your Ideal Client


This isn’t just knowing their age, gender and what they do. This is knowing what they do, why they do it, when they do it and where. 


For example if you had a premium car detailing business. How average marketers “know their customer:”


Johnny is a 50-year-old male who lives on Castle Hill would be interested in my premium car detailing. 


Or this..


Johnny has 2 kid’s and takes them to school and daycare on the way to work in the city each morning. He drives a 2 year old Audi for his commute, while his wife is on the way to her job in the other side of town. He loves his car to be clean but because he takes his children in his car it always ends up dirty.


You may think this is a bit over the top, but this is what actually knowing your ideal client looks like. Now that you genuinely know your ideal client, you can appeal to them directly and in return get better results from your advertising.


Real Life Results:


Attached below is a new client we had start with us. We implemented these exact strategies along with a few additional steps. A couple of months later and these are the figures that their ad account was showing. With the exact same strategies we just gave to you for FREE we made them over $230k with less than $20k spent on advertising.


Want to know the best part that you just do not get from billboard and radio advertising?


You only scale your ads after seeing results, meaning you’re not forking out a cent upfront. 


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