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537 Media was founded in 2021 when two Townsville based free-lancers decided to join forces. We combined our services as we wanted to make our content mean something to our clients and the community through our marketing services. When hiring a photographer, you often think to yourself “What am I going to do with these photos now?”. Well, we believe it is the same when hiring a digital marketing agency as they can post as many ads as you desire, but you won’t achieve the best results without engaging content. 

Establishing 537 Media allows us to take something from its roots and nurture it to develop into a healthy and strong piece, to provide for your business. We do this by filming content you want, and turning it into pieces of art that can be advertised and used to continuously increase your sales and services.

However, we are not your typical Digital Marketing Agency. We love to work closely with our clients, knowing their plans and goals for their business to ensure we can achieve great outcomes. We understand each business has different budgets, which is why we can tailor each individual package to suit our clients. 

Wedding videography is another important aspect of our business. We know how nerve wracking weddings are for some people, as you only get one opportunity to make it perfect. We enjoy filming weddings as it allows us to give people a company that they can trust to film their wedding and make sure their big day runs as smoothly as possible.

To contact us for any more information on our marketing services or wedding films click the button below.

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